a science fiction feature film starring Lauren Ashley Carter

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nominated ‘best independent feature’ for the 2018 rondo awards!

“Devoid of violence or threat, the film may in no way qualify as horror (although it is certainly science-fiction) – but as a portrait of female identity, in all its hopes and disappointments, joys and sorrows, Imitation Girl inspires a shudderingly sublime sense of awe that is not ultimately defined by male desires and demands.”

- BFI, Sight & Sound

“…boasts not just Lauren Ashley Carter’s best performance, but her two best.”

- SciFi Now

“…this chimeric and emotionally ensnaring small-scale odyssey is an awe-inspiring and, despite comparisons to similarly themed films, a shockingly original little picture from a filmmaker full of promise.”

- Taste of Cinema

“…a gentle tale about identity and what defines us… 2017’s gem.”

- BritFlicks

“…achieves a feminist fairy-tale with a shivery existentialist twist.”

- CineVue

"...a compelling examination of love, sex, race, identity and basically the human condition. All done in 84 minutes. See it. Accept no substitutes."

- Electric Shadows

“Imitation Girl [guides us] through a meditative, at points sensorial narrative, where Kermani’s command of rhythm – as well as her incipient authorial voice – are obvious and welcome."

- Critics Associated

“…Imitation Girl soars on Lauren Ashley Carter’s performance, and Kermani shows great promise as a thought-provoking and fascinating cinematic storyteller who isn’t afraid to push the envelope.”

- Daily Dead

“…a sensitive and thought-provoking little film that deals with the biggest of themes.”

- Fandom

“There is such talent on display here, both in [Kermani's] visual sense and in her patient control of tone, that she has immediately become a voice to which I'm going to pay close attention. Plus... she understands that the only thing better than a movie with a Lauren Ashley Carter performance is a movie with two.”

- F This Movie!

“…just added to my list of great films that have been released in 2017."

- PopHorror

“In the vein of Kubrick, it’s a confident and patient study of an occurrence that is strengthened by the sure handedness of writer and director Natasha Kermani."

- Morbidly Beautiful

“Imitation Girl epitomizes grassroots independent cinema at its most fragile, beautiful, and honest.”

-The People’s Movies