Natasha Kermani is a writer and director in LA/NY, and the co-founder of Illium Pictures

Natasha Kermani

Natasha’s credits includes feature films Imitation Girl, starring Lauren Ashley Carter, and Shattered, starring Molly Burnett and Ray Wise. Short form work includes Lewis Black’s The Mentors (for which she won Best Director at the NYC Web Fest 2015), the award-winning short Pole, starring online personality Stefanie Woodburn, as well as a wide range of spots for brands including ThirdLove, Microsoft, Redken, and Cole Haan. A graduate of NYU’s Film & Television Program, Kermani was also the director of The Wkshp (2013-2015), a non-profit workshop for film actors and directors that focused on rehearsal techniques and scene work. Outside of film, Natasha is a violinist and composer, and enjoys playing live as a guest performer with local bands and ensembles. Natasha’s Iranian-American heritage, her interest in the female identity, and her love for science fiction all converge in her work, a lyrical exploration of how we, and others, define ourselves. Visit IMDb for more information.